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Translation of Showcase demo originally written in Java. This sample shows how to use various GWT widgets and other features. We managed to translate 99% (around 4k SLoC) of the source code to Scala.

NOTE: Our translation is based on outdated version of Showcase demo so it looks a bit differently than original one.

Sudoku solver

We took scala-gwt-dlx project and decided to try run everything in a browser as opposed to original client-server application. By suceeding in doing that we have shown that you can move non-trivial code between server and browser.

Phone mnemonics

This sample shows that Scala+GWT supports full power of Scala collections in a browser. We took example from OSCON 2011 presentation by Martin Odersky and compiled straight to JS without any special gymnastics. We find idea of having Scala collections compiled to JS really thrilling!

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