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Scala+GWT in Eclipse

This page provides instructions for setting up Scala+GWT integration with Eclipse. Essentially, the idea is to make GPE plugin and Scala plugin work together with our forked verions of GWT and Scala compilers.

NOTE: These instructions should be considered more as preview of what's coming than anything final. In particular, setting up Eclipse is quite involved and fragile due to small issues with tools we are using. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks this page will shrink in size.


Since everything you are installing is still in experimental state you should use separate, clean installation of Eclipse. It's recommended that you download Eclipse classic.

GPE plugin

Install GPE plugin by following instructions from here. You just need to install GPE plugin itself and can skip the rest of plugins like designer, sdk and android stuff.

Scala plugin

We have custom build of Scala plugin for Eclipse. Install it from this update site:

Import samples

Download 0.1-M3 version of samples from here.

Import them to fresh Eclipse workspace as an existing project.

NOTE: Due to #1000695 bug you need to manually fix path in Xplugin setting of Scala compiler. Go to project's properties, choose Scala compiler and in advance tab you should see empty Xplugin setting. Provide absolute path to factorymanifests.jar located in scalagwt-sample/lib/scala directory.

Once you are done with Xplugin setting your project should rebuild successfully.

Running a sample in development mode

Go to Run > Run configurations. Under Web application category you should see following items listed:

Those are configurations that allow you to run various samples. It's recommended to start with Hello.html as it's very small sample. Once you run it you should see address you should open in a browser (Chrome or Firefox is required). It should look like this one:

After opening it in a browser it takes a while to finish loading. After that, you should be able to click on a button and see the message.

For inspiration what you can do check out this video.

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